Trading Seminar – May, Feast or Trap?

There will be a current Stock Market analysis and trading seminar conducted by Homily Chart on the 27th April 2014(Sunday)
Topic: Focus on May, Feast or Trap?
Address:NTUC Centre, Room 801 One Marina Boulevard Singapore 018989

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Price: Free admission

May, Feast or Trap?
Dow Jones Index once again enters into downtrend, however Asian markets continually move up. STI has been up close to 300 points from 2953 since February. Whether STI repeat the saying “Sell in May, Go away” or not? Will steep growth in the blue chips continue its momentum? When is the time to outbreak for Long-silent penny stocks? This talk will give you the answers to these questions. Stay tuned for our coming stock report “May, Feast or Trap”!

Market outlook of May
Outlook of Property stocks
How to identify the peak and sell high?
Unveil trading code of penny stock
12:30pm to 1:30pm  Register
1:30pm to 2:40pm  Focus on May, Feast or Trap ?Ⅰ  John Lu
2:40pm to 3:00pm  Break
3:00pm to 4:10pm  Focus on May, Feast or Trap ?Ⅱ  Chorry Zhang
3:00pm to 4:10pm  Break
4:30pm to 5:30pm  Master’s Investment Secret(Gold Member)  John Lu


John Lu
John makes an intensive research on the nature of security market, especially the Dow Theory, Gann Theory and Wave Theory. He can grasp the whole style of market and individual share. Then he establishes the unique model of the stock analysis and trading and forms the investment style of stability.

Chorry Zhang
He has been absorbed in the investor training for several years and specializes in the study of the trend of financial market; especially, good at grasping the start point of the short-term soaring stocks. His steady operation style is so popular, and accurate trend judgments are taken pride in by more and more investors.

SMS Your Name &HP to 97882939 to book your seat.
First 60 persons can get an investment book valued S$30.


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