Homilychart App

Homily Chart was available in 2012. It is a concentrated version which has 14 years experience and intelligence, an updated version based on Homily end of day analysis and dynamic quotation data, and a simplified version which combines classical technical analysis, decision making system and portfolio management.

Homily Chart proposes “rational investment and making profits simply”. It displays the market data, reveals the market behavior, unearthes hotspots, judges the price trend, and analyzes the current market situation through visualized chart to assist the users with rational investment. Its main functions include the market data browse, indices and industries analysis, the inraday chart of indices, sector indices and individual stocks and multi period candlestick chart. There are a series of technical indicators including some classic and usual indicators such as KDJ, MACD, etc., and Homily proprietary functions such as Homily Rainbow, Multi-color Dragon, Red & White Circle, etc. It also supports linedraw on the candlestick chart to meet the technical analysis tangent line amateurs needs.

Click to install Homilychart App on your phone.


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